Situated in the south west of Mauritius, the Domaine de Bel Ombre enjoys a conserved environment. Extending from sea level to 400 meters, the flora ranges from dry lowland forest to wet upland forest, a transition forest which includes a number of species found in both lowlands and uplands. The dominant native plants species include: Diospyros tesselaria (black ebony tree), Cassine orientalis (bois d’olive), protium paniculatum (colophane), protium obtisufolium (colophane batard) and Sideroxylon boutoniamum (iron wood). Domaine de Bel Ombre contributes also to the rehabilitation of the endemic fauna in collaboration with the Mauritius Wildlife Foundation: Mauritius Kestrel, Pink pigeon, Echo parakeets, Mauritius fruit bat. The protection of nature is a priority of the Stakeholders of Domaine of Bel Ombre.