Created in 1765, Domaine de Bel Ombre carries you to the grace and romance of the plantation era.

We owe the splendour of Bel Ombre to Charles Telfair, who from 1816 to 1833 substantially developed the region with his social, botanical and engineering innovations. Renowned for his sense of hospitality, “Telfair’s residence held receptions which were joyful and generous”. 1910 saw the creation of Bel Ombre Sugar Estate which gave a new dimension to the region. Specialised in the cultivation of sugar cane, the Estate created employment, provided skills and expertise and significantly industrialised the district.
Today, sugar cane is still grown at Bel Ombre but its transformation has been regionalised. Agriculture has been diversified and noble emblematic plants such the palm tree have complemented the sugar cane fields in the picturesque landscape.
This industrial shift saw the dawn of hospitality, whilst the safeguard of nature remained a constant priority.
More than two centuries after its creation, Domaine de Bel Ombre has preserved this priceless historical heritage into an exclusive art of living.